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Christie Canyon video and Photo! Biography Christie Canyon.

Full Name: Christie Canyon
6/17/1966 (40 years old)
Birth location:
Los Angeles, California, USA
5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
130 lb (59 kg)
Natural bust:
Christie Canyon, Cristy Canyon, Missy, Tara White, Sara Wine, Tara Wine, Linda Daniel, DeeDee
Armenian American, Italian American

        Christy Canyon was born Pasadena, California, 17ер of June 1966 in Hunting Hospital. Christy Canyon she{it} seldom speaks about the youth although many details of her early life are scarce. First adult cinema Christy Canyon it was removed{it was took off} in 18 years in 1984 film referred to (' The Night of Loving Dangerously '). Иy the end of that year she had performed in over ten more, appearing in well known titles such as ' Swedish Erotica 57 ' and the first of the ' Between My Breasts' series.
This first run of exposure granted Christy a huge amount of popularity from the beginning of her adult career and from then she has appeared in approximately 205 titles (although unlike many other stars of the time, such as Seka, Canyon never directed any movies of her own). Her rising star was only matched by that of the infamous Traci Lords, who entered the business at roughly the same time as her, and the two were quickly reaching the selling status of the legendary Ginger Lynn (whom Canyon appeared in many movies with throughout her career) but by 1987 the scandal regarding Traci Lords' age had broke and she had left the industry (along with leaving a far amount of destruction behind her) and Christy was working her way into the *1 spot for selling power in the adult movie industry.
Christy first retired in the early 1985 (although the number of releases she was in during this time do not reflect this due to the sheer volume of performances that she had recorded that continued to be used after she left). She came back with her own label, Cayon Video, in late 1989 and produced titles such as ' Coming Of Christy ' and ' Holly Does Hollywood 4 '. Around the end of 1990, Christy decided to return to Vivid Entertainment (also known as Vivid Video), despite her successful sales with the Canyon Video series. With Vivid she appeared in the aptly titled 'Comeback' released in 1995 as well as performing alongside more modern stars in titles such as ' Deep Inside Jenna Jameson '. Canyon's second stint of performing in the industry lasted from 1989 to late 1992, after which she got married for the first time to Tom Sinopoli (a marriage which lasted less than a year, a total of five weeks is all it took until Christy divorced him). By the mid 1990's she was an extremely sucessful exotic dancer and became married for a second time after finally retiring from appearing in adult videos, to Adam Film World editor Jeremy Stone, this time the relationship lasted 3 years before they divorced and Christy continued dancing until 2001 and it was rumoured in her later days of that career that she was earning over half a million dollars a year from it, mainly due to her popularity among those watching which was gained from porn.

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